Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When you give someone a typewriter...

For my art opening in December of 2009, I did a series of illustrations of vintage typewriters.  I had found one in an upstairs attic of my grandma's grocery store, which was in one of the oldest buildings in town.  When we moved it from that location to a new building up the street, I found another one.  The last one I found had probably not seen the light of day for decades, and was still sealed safely in its original case.  Cracking it open, the typewriter was in pristine condition, and the ink ribbon even still worked.  So, for the art opening, I thought it would be fun to bring the typewriter and set it on the table, allowing the public to type their names in as a guest book.  As expected, it was big hit, and many of the kids had never used one before.  They typed more than their names, and it was a treat to ready through the messages that people left while wandering around the gallery that night.  Most people typed that they loved someone, or missed someone, or thought someone was wonderful.  I just found these while sifting through the forgotten corners of my external hard drive, so, here are snippets from those pages, with highlights on the, well....highlights. 


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