Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Vintage Camper series - Sneak peek!

There's just something about these vintage campers.  

I inherited a big collection of old black and white photographs from a family friend who not only took them, but developed them by hand in a darkroom in her basement.  When she was young, she and her husband rode horses and camped all over California and Montana.  One of the photographs she took was the bottom image, of the old car with the camper in tow.  I had the photograph enlarged and hung it above my desk, because it amuses me every time I see it.  This photo inspired me to do a new series of vintage camper drawings, but it's taken almost two years to accomplish.  These old campers, with their awesome colors and mid century modern style have me completely hooked, especially the Shasta Airflyte with its awesome "wings".  How cool are they?  Answer, really cool.  

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