Monday, April 02, 2012

"Rainbow Bar & Lounge" - SOLD

This painting, the largest in my body of work, just got a new home in Greenwich, Conneticut!  It measures 36x61 inches, and was just 1/2" under the limit to ship ground via UPS.  Yikes!  I think it's sort of funny that I sold two paintings in one week, and they were both sold to buyers from the same state.  This sign was an actual bar sign in the small town I grew up in.  I always thought it was humorous because I didn't understand what a "supper club" was when I was a kid.  It sounded pretty exclusive and mysterious when I was eight.  Right after I graduated from college, the bar was sold and this sign was taken down.  I felt the sign needed a resurection, so here it is, my homage to quirky small-town bar signs. 

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