Thursday, September 22, 2011

Filming a rain storm outside the studio...

Friends make everything more fun!

This is a little stray kitten that showed up one day. He's very friendly and I've named him George. he kept me company on walks.

This is our dog, Tilly, who often is my buddy for checking pivots and cleaning sumps. She is 17 years old! She loves to ride in my car and hang out the window on hot summer days. She's a calm, sweet dog whom I love dearly.

This is Tuxedo. He's also a stray, but has a great personality. He's feisty, playful, and talkative. I'm pretty happy to be around my little "friends" all summer, and I miss them when I'm back in Bozeman.

Mix it up!

This summer, because I got to paint, I also had to practice my very rusty skills of color mixing. Not as easy as I remembered, especially when I was trying to up my painting skills. This requires accuracy. This photo depicts the massive amount of paint I ended up with before I got the right color. This is much more than I needed for the size of painting I was doing, but luckily, oils don't dry fast, so I stuck it in an airtight container and marked it with the date. Hopefully, I can revisit it and use it to make another color for a different painting. Waste not, want not.